Dye analysis

Our yarns and fabrics are dyed with synthetic dyes today. These dyes are a great achievement of our forefathers. And they are not necessarily hazardous. On the contrary: It is important to analyze the dyes and to separate the “wheat from the chaff”. These analyses are executed with considerable efforts to gain the GOTS- and IVNbest Certification.

Nature has the most beautiful colors

Unfortunately, mankind has forgotten the “arts of vegetable dyeing“ in the course of developing synthetic dyes. This most interesting art is being rediscovered again today. There are interesting possibilities of application in the fields of eco-textiles.

Please, allow us to advise you.

Jeune tricot experiments with this art and optimizes it. There are some limitations with regard to authenticity, equality and choice of colors.

Please, contact us. We will appreciate to advise you about the versatile possibilities of vegetable dyeing for eco-textiles.

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