MR Création



Soft, elastic and pleasant – That is how underwear should feel on the skin. Wearing our lingerie fabrics cares for a light and soft feeling on the skin and ensures well-being all over the day.

Even in underwear only, one likes to cut a good figure– in any situation. This is the reason why lingerie is up-to-date today: with chic colors, creative designs and valuable materials.

No matter if shining or matte – the end user wants easy-care products. We refine our products by means of modern equipment technology in a way that they are easy-care and have a long durability. We have accepted this challenge and develop fabrics which fulfill these high expectations.


Photo-realistic Knitting

Explore the possibilities of knitted photos.




A fabric is only as high-quality as the yarn it is knitted of. Therefore, we - in the name of MR Création - attach high importance to the selection and characteristics of our yarns. Especially concerning lingerie fabrics, the material selection is decisive to reach the required haptics. Yarns made of microfiber and the development of elastane fibers have revolutionized lingerie. There has never been such comfortable and soft lingerie before as we have today. We apply the entire repertoire of modern yarns for the development of our fabrics.


  • Cotton
  • Modal
  • Micromodal
  • Tencel
  • Elastane

Fiber blends:

    Cotton blends:
  • Cotton/MicroModal
  • MicroModal/Silk
  • MicroModal/Cashmere
  • Cotton/Cashmere
  • Microfiber/Polyamide
  • Microfiber/Polyester


Certified Eco-fabrics
Fabrics for eco-laundry made of cotton (controlled organic cultivation) – also with elastane
Certified with GOTS or IVNbest!

Fabric constructions

Our lingerie fabrics are produced on superfine knitting machines. In this way, the fabrics behave as a second skin. The circular knitting tubes of the elastic lingerie fabrics are sliced directly in the knitting machine and coiled widely. Thereby, the emergence of a middle break is prevented. Interesting jacquard- and structure weaves develop on the jacquard knitting machine.


  • Uni and striped
  • Structured
  • Jacquard-patterned
Plain/plain jerseys:
  • Uni and striped
  • Fine rib - and interlock weaves
  • Rib knitted jerseys
  • Jacquard jerseys
  • Relief jerseys


Terrycloth- and nicky jerseys
  • Cotton
  • Uni and striped
  • Jacquard-patterned
  • High/low effect jacquard patterns


  • (Single- and string lining)
  • Uni and striped
  • Jacquard-patterned
Filet jersey
  • Mesh jersey
  • Jacquard-patterned

Equipment technology

Superfine lingerie fabrics are a challenge for the equipment. Concerning dyeing and especially concerning dry finishing, wide-ranging experience and high investments are necessary to perfect these fabrics. Elastic fabrics are pre-washed and fixed before the dyeing process.


  • Transfer printings on elastic
  • Microfiber jerseys
  • Carbon printings
  • Embossing printings
  • Film printings
  • Burning out printings
  • Flockprints