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There is no more ideal material than knitted fabrics for children ´s wear. Knitted clothing accompanies children from the cradle to their teenage years. Their natural urge to move is promoted by knitted clothing. Easy care and a price-worthy production method emphasize that stitches are simply entitled to dominate the world of children´s clothing.


Jeune tricot has specialized in the production of eco-clothing for children. (more information about our eco-clothing). More and more parents back sustainably produced cloths for their children. Especially children´ s wear is often not produced without or only few harmful substances due to aggressive price policy in import trading.


Colorful jaquards

Each motif is possible. You can be creative yourself. Send us your drawing. We will realize your requests. Individually and exclusively for you!




The materials should be natural, and easy to care - and price-worthy at the same time. These are requests which are not inconsistent. We use all fibrous materials. For children´ s clothing mostly made of cotton and in cotton blends. To make them easier to care, they are often optimized by admixtures of certain synthetic fiber contents. These fiber materials are applied.


Natural fibers:
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • etc.


    Synthetic fibers:
  • Viscose
  • Micro Modal
  • Tencel
  • etc.


  • Polyamid
  • Polyester
  • etc.

Fiber constructions

Depending on the age of children, there are typical knitted fabrics: nicky, teddy and sweat jersey are knitted fabrics which are especially suitable for children´ s clothing. This applies for jeune tricot, not only in plain colors, but also with hoops, patterned or structured.


Single jersey specialities
  • Scherlis
  • Knitted Linen
  • Filet jacquards


Plain/ plain jerseys
  • Relief jacquards
Single/ single jerseys
  • with highly twisted yarns
  • Jacquard variations

AEquipment technologies

FConcerning children´s clothing, color is an important topic. It comes into the play by garment dying or colored yarns. The jeune tricot children´s clothing fabrics are dyed, printed or knitted colorfully. But often they are also fulled, roughened, grinded, compacted... the entire program of modern equipment technology is applied for children´s clothing.


  • Fulling
  • Roughening
  • Brushing
  • Shearing
  • Flocking
  • etc.


  • Colored yarn
  • Colored per piece